Our Mission

To foster planning, funding and administration for programs and activities that strengthen family lives, individual values and potential, and community and civic responsibility.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a book gifting program that mails free, high-quality books to children from birth until they begin school, no matter their family’s income. Port Orange Community Trust, along with other local businesses and nonprofits,  has contributed $3000 to bring Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to fruition. We are running a 4 week campaign to assist them in raising funds in order to sustain the program year after year in Port Orange! Click here to foster positive reading habits right from the start!

Click below and give the gift of reading, with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.


"THE SPRING FAMILY DAYS were great! My Campaign had purchased a candidate tent and everything was exactly as promised with the extra, unexpected bonus of a table and two chairs. The staff was helpful and there were repeated sweeps for trash, recyclables, etc. Most of the people I met were definitely enjoying themselves. Thank you Port Orange Community Trust."
Sarah Jones
"it was awesome, my kid's had a great time! thanks to all the service men and women who were out there taking the time to talk and have fun with all the kids, you guys were all awesome"  
John Roach
"We love family days! The best thing about Port Orange! From the rides to the booths to the rescue groups, love it all! My son's first year going called it "ride the rides" who was 3 at the time. We still call it that. He just turned 14 and I'm on here now checking to see when the next dates are for the Spring fun! Thanks to all the peeps that make it all happen!"
Kimberly Mansfield
"Dear Port Orange family days, we took our family to this weekend's event, I want to say this is the best event Y'all have had in years! It was fun for all ages, we had great good at the food trucks, enjoyed craft beers from local Tomoka brewing company and our kids had a blast with pony rides, face painting, and carnival rides! To say the least it was an amazing day with the family, proud to be from port orange. Thank you!"
Katie Kennedy-Bischoff
"A great event except for the weather on Sunday wasn't the best & kept people away. If I had any criticism it would be that there needs to be more going on for Friday. I wish the food trucks had been there then as well; many ran out of food early on Thursday and I, for one, would have gone back for what I missed."
Mike Mercier

Family Days, in October, the initial event fostered by the all-volunteer group, has grown from an initial attendance of 15,000 in 1995 to well over 60,000 today. Additional core events added over the years include Movies Under the Stars at the Kenneth W. Parker Amphitheater in City Center; and the Spring Fair in March.

All these and more are made possible by the sponsors that provide a funding backbone which is fleshed out by volunteers and with the splendid support of the City of Port Orange, led by its elected officials and administrative staff. We are proud to list on this site the major sponsors who have enabled the organization to grow and to contribute to the Community.

We are proud to include, too, a list of some of the contributions made, not by this organization, but by the people and friends of Port Orange who have taken part in our activities. Port Orange Community Trust is, in the finest sense of the term, a Community Enterprise.

That enterprise is led by a dedicated Board of Directors, which meets regularly to plan and coordinate events and assess how best the Trust can be a useful part of the fabric of the community. They seek and welcome the participation of all who want to assure a family friendly future for Port Orange.


Port Orange Community Trust is a non-profit organization which continually contributes to the financial needs of the community. That means every time you come to one of our events, know that you are supporting a food bank, school grants, free movies nights, coats and shoes for needy students, high school and sports scholarships, and needs of local youth sports organizations.

Chances are, your family has benefited in some way from Port Orange Community Trust Events. Here is our Top 10 list of “Things you probably don’t know about Port Orange Family Days Community Trust.”

  • A neighborhood block party was the start of a vision by local resident Al Bell. He approached several individuals, community organizations and city officials with the concept and formed the first committee to plan a community event that would forever be known as Family Days.
  • Port Orange Community Trust is a non- profit organization, lead by a diverse Volunteer Board of Directors. An Executive Director works with the Board to help their visions come to life.
  • Port Orange Community Trust hosts Spring Fair, Family Days and seven free Movie Under the Stars events at Port Orange City Center. All of our events include free admission, free parking, and free entertainment.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Port Orange Community Trust is its own entity, completely separate from the City of Port Orange. We at POCT know our events couldn’t be possible without the full support of the city, and we work closely with the Parks and Recreation Department on all events.
  • POCT has contributed more than $980,000 back to the community through special projects, grants, donations, and scholarships, as well as food and clothing. We accept requests for support throughout the year for local projects.
  • We rely on sponsors to help bring our events to life. We currently have over 30 local and regional sponsors, without whom Family Days wouldn’t be able to support the community at the level it does.
  • POCT typically supports Port Orange needs, but will occasionally give to needs outside of the community, should our residents benefit as well.
  • As the event evolves, we work hard to stay true to the founding members’ vision, while developing new ideas for a fresh event every year.
  • POCT has realized that although children and young families are a huge demographic for us, families of Port Orange come in all shapes and sizes. We have many 55+ communities, and Family Days are working hard to build events that will interest residents of all ages. By partnering with East Coast Cruisers on Thursday night to bring in more patrons for the car show, as well as adding a beer and wine garden, we are seeing a more diverse crowd coming to enjoy a relaxing night out. We have also included tribute bands during Spring Fair and Family Days. Journey and Bon Jovi drew big crowds!
  • The Spring event has evolved over the years. This event is intentionally smaller in size than the October event. We have had Kidz Dayz, a Spring Fair and Craft show and other themes in an effort to differentiate from the premier event in the Fall. Two years ago we started targeting the middle school age group with BMX shows and an Annual Skate Competition. This event draws skaters from as far as Miami and Tampa, and even some out of state participants!

OK, Make it 11!

  • Port Orange Community Trust helped the vision of Lakeside Community Center come to fruition! Through cash donations and community match programs, Family Days were able to donate $316,000 in cash and match programs towards the building and outside electrical!

Our Vision

Shared values and opportunities for interactions that generate a lasting sense of family for the residents of Port Orange and those who work and visit in the community.